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Moulding perfection in every cast
Quality Approach

With manufacturing units located in Gudur, AP and Ponneri, TN, both in South India, Nelcast is one of the largest in the Indian foundry industry. Nelcast has a very focussed production process that caters to the critical parameters needed to produce a technologically superior casting component. Equipped with the most advanced technologies in new product development, melting, moulding, core making and quality control, Nelcast takes every step necessary to creating exceptional castings.


The Company has invested in facilities to achieve its goal of speedy product development of even the most complex castings.

  • Utilizing the best tools in the industry like MAGMASOFT, the development team evaluates the filling and solidification process of the Iron to ensure that castings are produced defect-free from the very first time.
  • From initial stages of tooling design, to completion of production tooling, the in-house CAD/CAM design & manufacturing facilities provide the tools required for quick development of new castings.
  • Our Pattern Shop also ensures that all tooling is well maintained and serviced to ensure maximum life of tooling.

Moulding Shop

Kunkel Wagner NelcastAny high quality casting begins with a high-quality mould. This concept is clearly embodied in our investments in technology for producing moulds which result in castings with exceptional dimensional accuracy & superior surface finish.

Our state-of-the-art High Pressure Moulding Line at Ponneri is one of the largest in India and first of its kind in Asia. The Kunkel Wagner DFM-R- High Pressure Moulding Machine with AIRPRESSplus 2000 Technology and active multi piston squeeze head controlled by a Siemens S7/400 PLC to ensure perfect repeatability of all moulding parameters.

In order to optimize the working of this line, the Company has also installed a state-of-the-art Automatic Sand Conditioning Plant which incorporates a KW-ASR series sand cooler, KW-WM series high intensity sand mixer with automated additions of additives and automatic moisture control system ensures consistent quality of prepared sand. An ABP OCC-50 PressPour system delivers the metal to each of the perfectly produced moulds.

The most recent addition to the Nelcast stable is the yet another High Pressure Moulding Line, the DISA Flex 70HS with DoubleBlow and Flexipad Squeeze compaction technology. This line is complemented by a DISA SKA fluidized bed sand cooler, a DISA TM intensive sand mixer with automated additions of additives and a Sand Multi-Controller to precisely control sand parameters. An Inductotherm Tundish Pouring system equipped with Visipour ensuring perfect control over the metal pouring process.

The High Pressure Moulding Line is well complemented by our DISA Arpa series simultaneous Jolt + Squeeze Moulding Machines:

  • DISA ARPA - 450 (5 Nos.)
  • DISA ARPA - 900 (4 Nos.)
  • DISA ARPA - 1300 (1 No.)

Due to the wide range of moulding machines that Nelcast employs, we are able to service a very diverse product range and can offer customers the most economical solution for their specific product.

Melting Shop

As one of India's largest foundries, Nelcast has presently a melting capacity of over 800MT of Iron per day. Nelcast uses Medium Frequency Induction melting furnaces for optimal metal availability and power efficiency. The Company has installed multiple Inductotherm DUAL TRAK-R plus furnaces which utilizes the latest technology in its power & control system to apply melting power to one furnace and holding power to another furnace, simultaneously to ensure close to 100% utilization during the melting process.

  • 8X Inductotherm 3MT/ 3000 KW DUAL TRAK-R plus
  • 1X Pillar 3MT / 1500 KW
  • 2X Pillar 1.5MT / 1300 KW

nelcast spectrometerCore Shop

Utilizing our expertise & facilities for making cores of different types, we are able to offer customers the perfect balance of intricacy and economy via utilization of the right type of core for each specific product through our extensive facilities:

  • Cold Box core shooters
  • Shell core shooters
  • No Bake core making facility
  • CO2 core making facility
  • Core coating & drying facility

Quality control

Quality is the hallmark of Nelcast. Products undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. In order to ensure the physical & dimensional properties of our products, our Quality Control Department has facilities for:

  • 22 Elements ARL Spectrometer, for determining precise chemical composition of the metal.
  • Optical Microscopy equipment with Photographic attachment and Image Analyzer.
  • Complete Sand testing facilities.
  • 3-Dimensional Co-ordinate Measurement Machine
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • Crack detection apparatus using permanent yoke magnet.
  • Ultrasonic machine for detection of sub- surface defects
  • Proof machining capabilities

Machine Shop

In a quest to move its products up the value chain and satisfy customers demand for finished components, Nelcast is upgrading its machine shop into a state-of-the-art machining facility. Please visit the Machining Division page to know more about our state-of-the-art machining facility.

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